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Word wars are great! Word wars are helpful! I have, to my own startlement, started drafting this novel in Scrivener--I went back in Scrivener to add in the couple of extra scene/bits, and then when I kept moving forward, I remained in Scrivener. Maybe I've broken free of the tyranny of MS Word? At any rate, my protagonists are being snarky at each other and in the narration, as is the proper function of protagonists in urban fantasy novels.

Intensely worried, off and on, about Life After Graduation. I must make All The Plans and then nothing can possibly go wrong! Weirdly, actually doing stuff--like looking up deadlines and making notes toward a personal statement--helps calm my brain down.

...but also, my mom and I went to the historic carousel in Como Park, because I may be a full and legal adult but carousels never get old, and it turned out to be free ride day. Free ride day on a historic carousel is pretty much unmitigated goodness. And after dinner I ended up in a park by a lake with my notebook, and it was a gorgeous evening, and then I got to talk to some good friends online and watch a bouncy vid about SPAAAACE.

It is almost a year until I graduate. I will figure something out. Okay, brain? Okay.


Jan. 17th, 2012 03:37 pm
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Note to self for future: when you are flaily about some big task, try sitting down, writing out (truthfully! honestly!) why you are flailing about it, and then developing from there into actual things you can do about it. You are a writer. This is how your brain functions.

(Not every writer's brain does. But mine does sometimes, and more than I remember.)

I don't know that I have made material progress on my Conway research proposal--downloaded a bunch of scholarly articles, skimmed some of them to find out they weren't taking the tack I was trying to find--but I am way less flaily and stressed about it now. Which is progress of its own sort.
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I'm still in the post-novel slump. I've been vacillating aimlessly between doing nothing productive and not caring, and doing nothing productive and feeling guilty about it.

Also, sometimes when I think about the summer, just writing/finishing the first draft of a novel (and volunteering at the library a few days a week) doesn't seem like that much of a big deal, and I should've been doing more with my time--I'm not exactly sure what, saving the world maybe, but anyway sometimes I feel all unaccomplished and unproductive even about that.

Brains. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

But today I wrote one of my solstice-stories, which was something, anyway. It turned into a pretty terrible, pretty-terribly-illustrated Edward Gorey & William Shakespeare pastiche--at the very least entertaining for me to write and draw. So I only have 4-6 of those left to write (and 2 or 3 to finish or rewrite) between now and, oh, the middle of December.

I know I'll feel better as soon as I find something to distract me, it's just a question of finding such. Maybe I'll go write down awesome things to see if anything seems like a good next project.

...yeah. That's about all I've got.
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Today and tomorrow are Reading Days for the college, so we don't have classes and finals don't start until Friday. Which is nice, except for the part where it's cold and grey outside and ohmigod it's snowing. Okay, so that just made my day about ten times better.

At any rate, I am thoroughly uninspired to study for my finals, which is why I am writing a post instead.

Things I have done:
- written out equation sheets for the physics final
- typed up review questions for philosophy

Have yet to do:
- go over calculus material, obtain 3x5 notecard, write things on it that I will not remember
- actually go through the philosophy review
- study for my sociology final

On the other hand, there is all of tomorrow, so really I am just going to sit here and pretend to work on my philosophy review for a while. (Which is, of course, the best way to make myself do something.)

I also wrote some truly terrible poetry today. Terrible in that--well, it was; but largely because I haven't written poetry seriously for about seven years, or at all really for two, and it's the sort of thing that needs to be in one's ear. My mind is trained for prose, so it doesn't work out so well when I try to stick in a poem here or there.

Haven't decided one way or the other on Arisia yet. Seeing the full programming schedule will probably help this decision.

I've been working on The Urban Fantasy Novel in driblets here and there. (I've been busy, both in the taking-up-time way and the distracting-things way, but making an effort once in a while.) I was going to work on that this morning, but then I got distracted by the terrible poetry. I'm very close to 10k at the moment, which is a nice feeling although in the larger terms it's not all that much progress. On the other hand, J-term should serve very nicely to give me time to work on the draft.

This has been another Rapid Sum-Up of what happened my life while I was forgetting about LJ. Well, not everything. I left a lot of bits out. All the exciting things really. But those are for other posts and other days. Maybe. If you're lucky.
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So this is not a novel post! But it's a writing post.

AnthologyBuilder is having a contest which I fully intend to enter. Seeing as how they have a teen division, and I like contests that have teen divisions. I like them very much. They want entries to be inspired by their gallery of cover images. I have not written a new short story (well, except for that one, and it was terrible) since Odyssey, so this intrigued me.

Last night after I finished novelling I went through their cover images and downloaded the ones that poked me with something. Then I started a file of the things that they poked me with: first lines, world ideas, characters... I'm not sure if they have a really rockin' gallery of cover images, or if my brain was just really bored working on the novel and jumped at the chance to come up with Something New!. Either way, I am well and truly pleased.

Today after finishing novelling, I started story files for the ones that I had first lines of, and also one which I had a world and a title for. So far, the latter story has three paragraphs and a first line of its own, and I think I can keep going.

One of the things that makes me the happiest about is that it's a science fiction story, which I don't get very often. Sort of a bad-science science fiction story, but I'll take what I can get.
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20k (or 17k) feels like less when it's at the end of a novel than at the beginning, but it still feels like a lot.

In other words, when I had the first 20k of this novel, I was very pleased with myself. I felt like I had gotten a lot done.

Now, with 20k (or rather 17k) left of the novel, it just feels like I have the last few events to put into place and then it will all be done and over with. Which is... not really true.

On the other hand, I can't think of this 20k (17k) as being A Lot Wow, because if I do, I will start to panic and never get anything done.

I thought it was supposed to get easy near the end?

I guess if it turns out to be shorter I can just add in a few thousand words of Epilogue where they all apologize to each other for being mean and everyone reconciles. Or don't reconcile. And in the next draft I will actually describe things instead of just being vague, and that will make up for it, and no one will ever know.

(Yes, this is known as bribing myself with the promise of Easy to get myself writing, because probably my length prediction of 80k will turn out to be right anyway.)

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