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I was going to make this post earlier and then I was waiting for some of these things to happen so I could do it all in one fell swoop. Giant post of eligibility and links and self-promotion, go!

- I had one thing published last year, a short story titled "As Large as Alone" in Crossed Genres.

- As this was my first sale, 2014 is my first year of Campbell Award eligibility. (So that's a thing.)

- On account of which, you can also find "As Large as Alone" in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology along with one million awesome stories by other Campbell-eligible authors. It's a free download, only available until April. Hooray for M. David Blake for organizing that!

- I also participated in the Campbell Eligible Writer Surveys--mine is in part 6, here, but there are five earlier parts with lots of excellent people in, so if you are nominating for the Campbell or just interested in newly-published writers, you should check it out. (The great bonus here is, everyone summarized their qualifying sale piece in 5 words so you can get an idea of what they're like (and then find it in the Anthology, maybe).) Kudos to Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam for coordinating all this.

- And finally, someone put "As Large as Alone" on their list of Cool Reads from 2013! (Lots of great stuff on that list too--I am honored to be in such company.) How neat is that?

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