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My story "Starling Road" has been out for a little while in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #33. I'm still really pleased with this story, and so happy that it found a good home.

Today, LCRW #33 guest editor Michael DeLuca posted an interview I did with him about "Starling Road", romance, imperialism, and environmentalism. If you are interested in my thoughts about such things, check it out! I'm grateful to him for giving me the chance to natter on about my story.
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My newest short story sale, "Starling Road", will appear in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #33 (out next month from Small Beer Press!). I love "Starling Road" and am extremely pleased it found such a good home. Michael DeLuca, the guest editor for the issue, has posted the full table of contents on his blog. It looks like it's going to be pretty awesome.

Associated with LCRW #33 will be a group reading at Readercon. I am also a program participant at Readercon--which is coming right up! I've seen a draft panel schedule, and it looks great, but I don't have the finalized version yet. Hopefully I will see many people there!

Spring and early summer have been quite busy for me between travel, a big work project, and starting some classes, but things seem to be calming down now (I say this every week) so I hope to get back into spending more time writing soon. It's not for lack of things to work on: I've got projects at novel, novelette, and short story length awaiting revisions. Fingers crossed I'll soon be able to work through those and get one, or more, out the door.
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A nifty thing: my flash fiction piece "Katabasis" is up at Lightning Cake this week. It has two (yes, two!) illustrations, which I am going to be excited about for quite some time. I've never had illustrations before.

I feel like a lot of fantasy writers do something based on Greek mythology at some point--it's one of those rites of passage, like writing a story in the Arthurian mythos. (Which, for the record, I haven't done.) "Katabasis" is mine. I'm glad that Lightning Cake liked it enough to buy it; from what I've seen, some other people are enjoying it too. And really, that is one of the best parts about having stories published.
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Kaleidoscope released today, and there is great excitement--rounded up at the Kaleidoscope website! They also have links to many places where it can be purchased: Indiebound, B&N, Amazon...you name it.

For my own part, I can say that I read through the anthology after I received my contributor's copy at Readercon, and enjoyed all the stories. It's a scattered anthology, not solidifying around theme or plot or a particular element, but that's what a kaleidoscope does best. Kaleidoscopes are toys, and I hope that Kaleidoscope does what the best toys do--helps people think about the world in new and different ways.
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My story, "As Large as Alone", is up at Crossed Genres today! So is their interview with me. So if you want to, y'know, read them--go forth and read! There are awkward teenagers and mermaids and things.

I am super excited about this, especially because this is my first fiction sale and because the other two stories in this month's issue are awesome. I wrote this story years ago, literally--near the beginning of college--and sold it just before graduating. Reading over it now, I still like it! I hope you do too.

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